4th Street House

4th Street Residence is a HUD certified residence where residents pay rent based on their income. It has 10 beds and serves people with severe and persistent mental illness.

4th Street is staffed at quarter time to provide supervision to aid residents in meeting their own self care needs by assisting them with daily living skills and medication management.  Regular house meetings help resident's problem solve and address interpersonal growth.  Residents are encouraged to stay a minimum of one year, however there is no required length of stay.  Individual treatment plans are geared towards helping the resident be as self reliant as possible.


1112 N. 4th Street
Sterling, CO 80751

Population Served

Adults with SPMI who need support to function in an independent living environment.

Services Offered

9 apartments available to rent at below market rates.  Assistance with gaining independent living skills, case management, and a supportive peer community.

4th Street House

For Information Contact: 

Kirstin Schelling
211 W. Main St
Sterling, CO 80751