(help, empower, link, prevent)

Empowering Families Through healthy Community Connections

h.e.l.p. is an independent unit of Logan County Design Team. It has been developed to work in partnership with at risk youth and their families. Our hope is that one service plan can be developed with the Team that will assist families in identifying the challenges the family is facing. h.e.l.p. assists in developing a plan to empower and link families to community resources and services. We want to work together with you and all of the agencies and service providers involved with the family to make sure each is making coordinated efforts toward the same goals.

The First Step is to schedule a time for the family to come to a h.e.l.p. staffing meeting. To set this up the family will need to sign an Interagency Consent and Release form and list the names of people they would like to have attend.

The Second Step is the staffing itself. The family, as well as those they have invited , will join the core members of the team to identify the needs of their child and the family. Together they will develop a plan to remedy those needs. During the staffing a Service Plan Coordinator will be selected. His or her role will be to provide leadership and coordination to ensure the unified goals are being addressed and all parties are cooperating and communicating effectively.

Finally, a follow-up meeting will be scheduled if needed.

We have a strong commitment to children and youth, to their families, and to the prevention of children being placed out of their homes and out of their community.

If you think that a family needs h.e.l.p. and the family
would benefit from a team staffing, please call today.


For answers to any questions you may have,
please contact:

Karla Rosas - 522-4549
Betty Zimmerman - 522-2194 x231

The goals of h.e.l.p. are to:

  1. Link the entire family to appropriate services.
  2. Eliminate duplicate services.
  3. Keep from overwhelming the family.
  4. Involve the identified child and their families in the process.
  5. Promote advocacy, resource and referral.

Participation of families in the h.e.l.p. team process is strictly voluntary. The members of the h.e.l.p. team are governed by rules and regulations concerning confidentiality. All meetings are held in highest confidentiality.

h.e.l.p. team members represent the following agencies:

In addition, you may request any person that the family would like to be added to the team (i.e. Clergy, Attorney, Therapist, Friend, etc.)