Mental Health Worker (Respite)




Provides monitoring and supervision of clients admitted to the Crisis Respite Program. Will respond to requests from Emergency Response Team for monitoring of clients, working 12 hour shifts at a designated Respite facility location. When indicated, the Respite Staff will work in teams of two to provide adequate client supervision and support.



1. Provide supervision/monitoring at a designated Respite facility location for individuals who have been assessed by Centennial ERT or clinical staff and have met the criteria for a Respite level of care.

2. When necessary provide “ride along” supervision during transport by Centennial ERT or clinical staff to or from facility, OP office, or other activities appropriate to the Respite program. This may also include walking with client short distances to an office or other location.

3. Assist in cooking and providing meals for residents of the Respite facility as needed.

4. Monitor cleanliness and upkeep of the Respite facility per the guidelines specified for that location.

5. Provide supportive companionship and utilize MHFA and other supportive counseling skills for residents in the Respite program.

6. Communicate as pre-determined in each case with Centennial ERT and clinical staff regarding client’s status and Respite Plan of Care.

7. Help facilitate the Plan of Care with the Respite client, under direction of ERT and clinical staff. This may include assisting with case-management activities such as referral and linkage to community resources.

8. Monitor client self-administered medications and log same.

9. Keep a summary log of all pertinent activities that transpire during the Respite stay.

10. Participate in all on-going training and development activities assigned by CMHC.

11. All other duties as assigned by supervisor.



Bachelor’s degree in human services-related field preferred. Must complete all pre-service training and Respite Orientation prior to providing client care. Must complete HIPAA training and criminal background check.


Ability to work well with special population consumers, maintain appropriate boundaries, identify and nurture strengths, and support their right to make independent decisions when possible. Ability to serve wide range of consumers, including culturally diverse populations. Knowledge of cultural issues that may have a bearing on service provision. Knowledge of community resources, social security, and other disability programs/resources a plus. Effective written and verbal communication skills. Ability to update consumer records, document actions, and complete other paperwork in a timely manner. Computer literacy to include basic skills in e-mail communication and word processing. Ability to work on-call hours, which may be required. Ability to travel within the Center's service area or to other locations as needed.