Client expectations with telehealth services

(Please review with clients when setting up Go To Meeting)

In order for telehealth services to be most effective, we ask that all of our clients agree to the following to maintain

safety and the most quality experience possible:


  • Avoid using mind altering substances prior to session
  • Dress appropriately during telehealth sessions as you would if you were attending a session at the provider’s office
  • Be located in an area that is safe and provides privacy/confidentiality
  • Please do not have anyone else in the room unless it has first been discussed and agreed upon with your provider
  • Please do not conduct other activities while in session, such as driving a vehicle, shopping and/or receiving other services.
  • Do not have weapons with you while you are engaging in your telehealth session (excluding rifles/weapons that may be on the wall for decorative purposes)
  • Please do not record sessions without first obtaining the provider’s approval.
  • You must be located within the state of Colorado, where Centennial Mental Health Center is located and your provider is licensed or operating under a supervisor licensed in the state. If you are in another state, please inform the provider to confirm reciprocity for providing services within that state.
  • Minors under the age of 18 years old receiving telehealth psychiatric services, must have a parent/guardian present on site with the patient.
  • Minors’ age 15 years and younger engaging in telehealth counseling services, should have a parent or guardian with them at the location/building where the service is received. If the minor is older than 15 years, the provider may require a parent/guardian be on-site if needed.