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Revised initial contact

If you need financial assistance due to unemployment/hardship or high deductible insurance, please complete the following form:

Sliding Fee/Hardship Application - English

Sliding Fee/Hardship Application - Spanish


Behavioral Health Screening Tools:
You are encouraged to print and complete any of these questionnaires and bring them with you to your appointment. A behavioral health professional will review and help you identify an appropriate course of treatment.

The PHQ-9 is a basic self-screening tool used to help identify depression.
PHQ-9 For Adults and Children
PHQ-9 English
PHQ-9 Spanish

The GAD-7 is a basic self-screening tool to help identify anxiety.
GAD-7 English
GAD-7 Spanish

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder:
The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) screen is a basic self-screening tool to help identify PTSD.
PTSD Screen

Adolescent Substance Abuse:
The CRAFFT Screening Tool for Adolescent Substance Abuse is a basic screening tool to assess adolescent involvement with alcohol and other drugs in the past 12 months.
CRAFFT Screen – English
CRAFFT Screen – Spanish