Program Mission

Our mission for the Integrated Services Program is to partner with rural health clinics and primary care practices throughout our region to form collaborative care teams of primary care providers and behavioral health professionals to provide patient-centered, whole healthcare to residents of our frontier communities in Colorado. Through the use of this systematic and cost-effective approach, our vision is to reduce barriers to accessing behavioral health care; while increasing patient engagement focusing on mental wellness, substance use disorders, chronic health management, stress-related physical symptoms, life stressors, and crises.

Program Goals

  • Improved access to care
  • Decreased in stigma engaging in behavioral health services
  • Integrated, individualized care plan
  • Increased adherence to treatment
  • Decreased use emergency services
  • Increase in provider collaboration among providers

The Problem

People with mental illness die earlier than the general population and have more co-occurring health conditions.

68% of adults with a mental illness have one or more chronic physical conditions.

More than 1 IN 5 adults with mental illness have a co-occurring substance use disorder.

The Solution

The solution lies in integrated care - the coordination of mental health, substance abuse, and primary care services. Integrated care produces the best outcomes and is the most effective approach to caring for people with complex healthcare needs.

Integrated Services Brochure | Click here to view


For further information, please contact your local or nearest Centennial office to make an appointment.