Mental Health Awareness Month - Where to Start

Graphic with black text that says "Mental Health Awareness Month" and green text below that says "Where To Start" on the left and and an graphic on a brain on the right.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Did you know that each year, one in five adults in the United States experiences a mental health challenge?

Mental Health America founded Mental Health Month in 1949.[1] Every May, entities come together to promote awareness and advocate for the mental health and well-being of all individuals. This year Mental Health America’s theme for Mental Health Month is “Where to Start: Mental Health in a Changing World”, which reminds us that dealing with life’s pressures can be overwhelming and everyone deserves to feel supported to seek help when needed. While talking about mental health is becoming more common, it can be hard to know “Where to Start” when it comes to taking care of your mental well-being.

The stigma surrounding mental health often stems from a lack of understanding or fear, which can have a profound impact on mental health. Public stigma, self-stigma, and structural stigma can lead to detrimental effects that can cause worsening symptoms, reduce the likelihood that individuals will seek treatment and impact recovery. Raising awareness of mental health is a powerful tool for decreasing stigma. It helps normalize the conversation, educate the public, encourage empathy and understanding, promote early intervention, reduce self-stigma and foster a supportive community. During the month of May, Centennial is increasing engagement within the Center’s 10 Counties to spread awareness about mental health. Read more to see what Centennial is doing to promote Mental Health Awareness in May!

Mental Health Awareness Month Sweet Treat Therapy

What better way to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month than to indulge in a sweet treat to help us serve our mission to help individuals, families and communities enhance the quality of their lives?

Centennial has partnered with incredible local bakeries, coffee shops and other sweet treat specialists to raise funds for mental health through Sweet Treat Therapy. In May, local businesses will donate 20% of their profits from a specific sweet treat to raise funds to support evidence-based community trainings throughout the Center’s ten-county catchment area.

  • Bun Appetit – Fort Morgan
  • Colorado Popcorn Company – Sterling
  • Cornerstone Coffee- Akron
  • Farmhouse Market – Yuma
  • Heidi’s Cakes – Holyoke
  • Simpkins Parlour – Sterling
  • Steele Terrain – Sterling

Be Seen, Wear Your Green

Centennial would like to invite you to join us in supporting the visibility of mental health by participating in various events. During the month of May, several entities join Mental Health America’s Light Up Green and Be Seen in Green campaigns to demonstrate their support for mental health. We are inviting you to join Centennial as well as, other collaborative agencies in wearing green on Wednesday’s and lighting your building green during the month of May. Green is the official color for Mental Health Awareness Month and is a powerful symbol that allows individuals to show their support for mental health and well-being in their communities.  Our mission is to help individuals, families and communities enhance the quality of their lives. We envision a future where youth are resilient; families are healthy; communities are thriving; and asking for help is normalized. To learn more about Centennial’s services, visit our website or call your local Centennial office.